My Christian Dystopian Novel is Available for Pre-order!

I’m so happy to share with y’all the first book of a trilogy I’ve been working on since 2017!

Kira Westin, once a proud socialite in the most inclusive nation on earth, watched her country fall into a socialist nightmare.

Under constant surveillance, she must hide her faith and her daughter. Religion and motherhood are illegal. Surrounded by debauchery and jealousy, with rumors of war and two weeks without rations, survival depends on her last round. She must hunt.

Will faith be enough to survive?

Pre-order is available NOW!



Kimberly Humphreys

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I am a Christian, and know that God can restore anything and anyone. I am also a mom and married to the love of my life, who happens to be a solider. I’m a wordsmith, so writing is my passion. In no time or place should words ever be silenced. I love my country, and am thankful for my freedoms. I believe that socialism is evil, political correctness makes us weak, and dogs are awesome.
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E. McCoy
E. McCoy
4 months ago

Will buy when it’s an audiobook! Like to listen when I’m walking.