It’s hard to believe where this life has taken me and all the twist and turns that have tried to dismantle my faith, as well as all the things that have made me lose all doubt that we are indeed created. As I sit here on this quiet, warm Texas evening, I contemplate how fortunate I am, not for who I am, or the things I have, but for the fact that my youngest daughter is still alive. Her name is Valerie and she was born two years ago with congenital heart disease.

Not only for the obvious reasons is she heavy on my heart, but as a writer I am using my ability to try and raise awareness for her condition by penning her story down into narrative non-fiction; all while writing another science fiction manuscript at the same time.

Now I am a mother of three children, two year old twins and a five year old, so my spare time is very limited to give to my passion of writing. The reason for this blog is basically my need to vent, to gather my thoughts and emotions and try to tame them for what is needed to pen. The story of my daughter’s fight and survival is one that is amazing and deserves to be told, but the memories and all the emotions involved are very hard to handle. Even more so since the fight is not done completely, in fact we are still in the ring, and will be until a miracle via stem cell research or some other source is complete. That’s the thing about congenital heart disease, it’s long lasting, and there is no quick fix. But my goal in this life, as a mother and as a writer is to do everything I possibly can with God’s help, to find a cure for this disease.

I am hoping to have the first draft of my daughter’s story done by New Year’s Day, 2013 and once the editing process is done, I am only querying one agent before continuing on independently without one if rejected.

I hope that even if you do not like my fictional stories, you will at least give her story a chance.

I will keep everyone posted on the progress of this amazing chance I have for sharing her constant battle with congenital heart disease.