Become Aware.

Since it is Congenital Heart Disease/Defect awareness week, allow me to introduce you all to my youngest daughter, Valerie, and give you a glimpse into her story.

Valerie was born with Tetralogy of Fallot and Pulmonary Atresia. She has had three major open heart surgeries, multiple cath lab surgeries and a G-tube surgically implanted into her stomach to force feed her the calories and nutrients her body needs. She is only two years old…

It is not only my job as her mother to love and care for her the best I can, but it is also my to raise awareness and shed light onto one of the worst birth defects there is, one that she unfortunately was born with. One in 100 babies in the U.S. each year is born with some sort of heart defect, yet still there is no cure. We spend billions of dollars on politics, trying to vey for our favorite candidate,  yet funding for heart disease, cancer, AIDS, diabetes and all other life threatening diseases gets swept under the rug in fiscal comparison. Why is that? The future of our policies is worth the time and money, why not the future of our young? 

We are the most technologically advanced society in history, and yet our doctors and scientists are bound to extreme regulations and a pathetic lack of funds. Please explain to me why the lives of our own kind are not worth more than the betting on some political ticket? Perhaps my comparison is too heated, since I am feeling the pain and consequences of heart disease directly. Not only is my beautiful daughter affected by this, but my grandmother was just in the hospital for her heart disease and I just hate it. I know that politics are important, but I truly feel that as a society, we can do better in combating the illnesses that plague us all in one form or another. We can unite together on fighting death and disease, because unfortunately they are the true evils that have touched us all. Take the time, call your representative and demand there be more research in these areas. Take some money, even if it is only a tiny amount and donate it to the gateway of a better, healthier future for us all.

These diseases know no bounds, but we can help to find the technology to rid of them by raising awareness! The idea of a healthy future for everyone is not farfetched, it is not science fiction; we are on the cusp, just look at how advanced our medical society is today!

Let’s make the way and find the cures for our children and family member’s diseases, they’re just waiting to be found…

For more information on congenital heart disease or to donate, you can click on one of the links below: