Just as a disclaimer.

I feel the need to state something since many of you who have read my work, may wonder why most of my blogs are so spiritual, while The Falling is not. Others may read may read my blog without reading The Falling first, and come to think that I write inspirational fiction. I really must warn you otherwise.

I believe in Christ. I worship one God and he has blessed me and my family and comforted us through hard times more than any human possibly could. My blogs are personal, so of course they tend to be more centered around my God, because without him I am nothing.

My fiction on the other hand…

That’s a completely different story. I write about the characters in my mind’s eye and of their struggles, their victories and their adventures that all cumulate in my head before ever even reaching paper. Secondly, I am a realist. I know that life can be hard, and that people can be mean and unforgiving, I do not believe in fairy tales. Those are the main key factors of why I do not write fluffy, unrealistic crap.

Besides that I would hate to censor the imagination God gave me. I believe that since he is the creator, his giving us the ability to create as well, is just as big of a gift as life itself.

Thank you for reading, and I hope yours is a blessed and beautiful night.