You can never have enough...

One of the riches, most successful leaders known to man, King Solomon, stated that the eye never has enough seeing, nor the ear its fill of hearing. (Ecclesiastes 1:8) How true is that for most of us today.

I know that I struggle with the lust of wanting to accumulate things I don’t need, and yes it is true, we should want to better ourselves and better our lives, especially for our children, but when does ‘not enough’ become too much?

In a world where price tags and full shopping bags are supposed to be our joy, now is the time to break away and see past what will decay, to find ourselves something more, something that is everlasting to satisfy our hearts with what no long listed receipt can ever fulfill.

Make memories, take time to relax, be sweet to someone you don’t even know, make way for someone to get in front of you in traffic, focus on not just what you see for yourself, but what is seen for others as well. Be grateful, hold the door for someone, smile, wish anyone a Merry Christmas and don’t be afraid to take your time, because you never know what moment will be your last.

This is the season for self-reflection and gratitude, I do not think it hurts to look at the mirror of our souls and do a little dusting if needed, to clean up any desires that may seem to be building us up, but are actually bringing us down.