A New Year...

Sitting down tonight as I listen to the sound of fireworks off in the distance that somehow all three of my children are sleeping through, I am so grateful for another year to enjoy life with them. Since my daughter was born with congenital heart disease, I cannot help but to thankful for every minute I get with her, and with all of my children. Right now I am almost done with the first draft of penning my daughter’s amazing story, and I hope to publish it this coming year. Her story deserves to be known and I want to share it with the world. My goal is to raise awareness for her disease and by doing so, to hopefully get at least one step closer to a cure.

Reflecting back on everything she’s been though, and of how Valerie has miraculously survived her condition, I cannot even imagine life without her. So as you all celebrate tonight, enjoy yourselves and take into account how precious each moment we have is, and don’t take anything, or anyone for granted, as we take in a brand new year together.

Goodnight, God bless and happy 2013!