The Agent Who Loves Me


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VA Nurse, Irene Bryman, moved to D.C. to be with her childhood sweetheart, a congressional staffer, Dale Collins, but finds heartbreak when he leaves her for a Senator’s daughter.

With an invitation onto an exclusive social media platform, Irene hopes jealousy will reunite her with Dale. What she gains is a digital stalker.

Watched through every device, there’s nowhere to hide from his omnipresent eyes…

When Dale’s new wife mysteriously disappears, Irene becomes the prime suspect, until FBI Agent Todd Kelby takes over the case. He believes Irene’s stalker is the serial killer he’s been chasing for years.

Finding herself attracted to Agent Kelby, Irene’s life is complicated even further when a strapping NSA Agent, Evander Stanwood, crashes the investigation.

With her heart sought by two federal agents and her life pursued by a stalker, will Irene survive long enough to leave D.C., or be killed by a man behind the screen?


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